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Orne in Normandy !

The Orne in Normandy is situated 90 minutes from Paris, and boasts beautiful countryside and some surprising hidden treasures, such as 'Swiss Normandy' with its landscape of rugged relief, the spa resort of Bagnoles de l'Orne, its stud farms, including the Haras du Pin, known as the 'Equestrian Versailles', the Pays d'Auge and the charm of its timber-framed houses, and the regional park of Le Perche, with its forests and manor houses in perfect harmony. Walking, fishing, riding all the ingredients for a perfect break! Find it all in the Orne, in Normandy.


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Roulotte "La Poulette"

Orne - Mortagne-au-Perche

Number of people3
From 250per week

La Brocherie

Orne - Magny-le-Désert

Number of people8
4 Epis
From 115 /night (for 2 persons)

La Petite Oie

Orne - Ménil-Hubert-sur-Orne

Number of people4
3 Epis
From 300per week

Carte de l'Orne